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The Canaan Hymns
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 God's Story
[Chinese-Mandarin], for sharing Christ in China, [Website]
A visual exploration of God's Revelations, that covers the foundations of the Bible, from Creation to Eternity. This Video explains God’s Creation, The Fall of Mankind, The Broken Family of Cain and Abel, Noah and the Great Flood, The Tower of Babel, The Birth of a Nation, Abraham to Joseph, The Exodus, The Ten Commandments, The Prophets Describe the Coming Savior, The Ministry of Jesus Christ, The Betrayal and Crucifixion, The Resurrection to Eternity.
God's Story Video [WMV]

[中文普通话]、 在中国分享基督 [网站]
从视觉上探索上帝的启示,涵盖了圣经的基础,从创世到永恒. 这段视频展现了上帝创造世界、人类的堕落、该隐和亚伯的破碎家庭、诺亚和大洪水 、通天塔、一个民族的诞生、亚伯拉罕至约瑟、出埃及、十诫、先知形容未来的救世主、耶稣基督的作为,被背叛和上十字架、复活直至永恒。

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Theophilos 3
[Powerful, EXE]

   China Soul Videos 
The Cross -- Jesus in China      神州 十字架 - 耶稣在中国  中文[ 带字幕、WMV文件]

Seeds of Blood - Follows the bloody footprints of Chinese missionaries after the Boxer Rebellion in the past fifty years. The stories of famous ministers such as Mingdao Wang, John Sung, Watchman Nee, Allen Yuan, Samuel Lamb, Moses Xie, Yang Xinfei, and Epaphras are covered.
The Bitter Cup - This is the video I found most incredible. Full of compelling testimonies by missionaries of the younger generation after the Cultural Revolution. Their dedication, suffering, faithfulness, and thanksgiving have led to an unprecedented revival of the Chinese Christian church.
The Spring of Life - Recounts the real life and the underground world of Christians from a broad spectrum of backgrounds in modern day China. Included are testimonies from farmers, students, officials, criminals, orphans, actors, writers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.
The Canaan Hymns - The amazing story of a farm girl Xiao Min. She is a high school dropout with no musical training. Nevertheless, she created nearly a thousand wonderful hymns by the power of the Holy Spirit. These hymns are widely spread among Chinese churches around the world. (


China's Confession:         [Part 1]        [Part 2]       [Part 3]

[血种]Seeds of Blood               [苦杯]The Bitter Cup
The Spring of Life        [迦南诗歌]The Canaan Hymns


The Seeds of Blood[血种]          The Spring of Life[生命泉]    [Full Transcripts]

The Revolutionary
[English Only]
From His birth to His death and ascension, you will retrace Jesus’ footsteps and see His miracles and ministry depicted as never before. Go back almost 2,000 years, to relive the dramatic events that changed the course of human history, and mankind’s eternal destiny,  forever.
Volume 1
Volume 2 [WMV]

The Emissary
The early first century followers of Jesus were a small, struggling group within Judaism who seemingly posed no threat to anyone, certainly not the mighty Roman empire. But there was one determined to see this fledging faith exterminated. His name was Saul and he became the greatest persecutor of the early church. But within a matter of a few years, the Christians fiercest opponent became its most effective advocate. Struck down by a powerful conversion experience on the road to Damascus, Saul--his name changed to Paul--went on to become the greatest missionary in the history of Christianity.
[WMV] [English Only]

by Choo Thomas
天堂是如此真 实

Choo Thomas tells a remarkable story of her encounters with Jesus Christ, where she visited heaven many times and saw hell twice. She was also given an important message to the Church. All Christians must hear this amazing testimony.

秋楠讲述了她与耶稣基督相遇的令人难以置信的故事. 在这过程中耶稣带她到天堂多次,也带她到地狱两次. 她还带来一个给教会的重要信息. 所有的基督徒都应该听一听这个见证.

Heaven is so Real Text  [DOC]
Video [WMV]
Video Transcript English     [DOC]         [Holy Singing]

堂是如此真實 -[Book in Mandarin]-
Book in MP3_Mandarin
[MS-Word DOC1]   [PDF1]            [DOC2]    [PDF2]
Video Documentary - Mandarin
Documentary in MP3 - Mandarin
Video Transcript:    Simplified    Traditional

Bill Wiese 23 Minutes in Hell
23 Minutes in Hell

by Bill Wiese
Do you believe in Hell?     
Just what does Jesus save us from?

An incredible Testimony of Bill Wiese and his 23 minute trip to Hell. Bill was placed in Hell by Jesus Christ, so that he might warn those who are not saved. He recounts all the horrid details with such precision that it captivates the listener from start to finish.  If you haven't heard this testimony, stop everything and hear it.  It will permanently altered your outlook on life.  My prayer life moved away from "Lord, bless me here and bless me there,"  to  "Souls, Souls, Souls for Jesus!"   Jesus came to save us from unspeakable doom, and your love for Him will grow once you hear what He saved us from.

Bill Wiese
你相信有地狱吗?  耶稣究竟把我们从哪里救出来?

Bill Wiese的一个不可思议的见证和他23分钟行 在地狱中. 耶稣基督带Bill到地狱中,使他可以警告那些还没 得救的人. 他描述出的所有令人惊惧的细节从头到尾抓住听众的心. 如果你还没有听过这个证言,
停止一切正在做的事情来听 . 它将永远改变你的人生观. 我的祈祷从"主,保佑我这个,保佑我那个 "变为"灵 魂,灵魂,灵魂,耶稣多救一个灵魂! "耶稣来把我们拯救出无法形容的灭亡中.当你听到祂把你从哪里救出来,你 对祂的爱就会更深.

English Text      [DOC]    [PDF]
  MP3 Chinese
Simplified Text      [DOC]     [PDF]   [HTML]
Traditional Text     [DOC]     [PDF]

A Divine Revelation of Hell
by  Mary K Baxter

Hear the eyewitness testimony on the True Existence of Hell.   Mary Katherine Baxter was chosen by God to let the world know of the REALITY of Hell.  Jesus Christ appeared to Mary Baxter on 40 consecutive nights and took Mary on a tour of Hell and Heaven. She walked, with Jesus, through the horrors of Hell and talked with many people. Jesus showed her what happens to souls when they die and what happens to the unbelievers and Servants of God who do not obey there calling.

地狱启示Mary K Baxter
来听目击者见证地狱真实存在. Mary Katherine Baxter是上帝挑选出来让世人知道地狱的现实. 耶稣基督连续40晚上向Mary Baxter显现,并带她到天堂与地狱. 她与耶稣行过恐怖的地狱,见到了许多人. 耶稣向她显示出当那些不信耶稣的和不听从上帝呼招的神的仆人(基督徒)死 后灵魂的去处.

A Divine Revelation of HEAVEN
by Mary K. Baxter


The Vision

by Rick Joyner

The Vision by Rick Joyner is a great revelation that will result in significant spiritual growth to all that read it.  So many traps, pitfalls, deceptions, and foolish mistakes were revealed in this book that even the most mature Christians can learn from it. 

Rick Joyner 的"末日决战"会使灵命迅速成长.这本书中指明了许多陷阱,骗 局和愚蠢的错误,即使是最成熟的基督徒也可有所借鉴.

The book THE VISION is a combination of 2 books, 1st THE FINAL QUEST, 2nd THE CALL.
Also The Torch and the Sword
其他书籍 《火把与宝剑

Visions Beyond the Veil
by H.A.Baker   Missionary to Tibet, China, and Formosa

Such a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit onto little poor Chinese Orphans, showing what is only possible when God's anointing is at work. This book documents the visions and miracles that happened when revival broke out in their midst. The children saw angels, demons, heaven, hell, etc. They related their experiences to missionary H. A. Baker and his wife Josephine, who oversaw the orphanage where the children lived. The visions changed the children's lives and behaviors. The children would lay or sit still for hours as if in a trance, and would reported their visions to the Bakers, who faithfully documented them.  Young children [new believers] who were untrained and ignorant of spiritual truths, spoke in the 1st person of Jesus with such boldness and eloquence, and as powerful as any old testament prophet, demonstrating the power of God on those who are surrendered to Him.

The Cross, the way to Jesus
  Revelations of Heaven:

Revelations of
Heaven and Hell
to 7 Columbian Youths

Together as a group, these 7 Columbian youths were taken by Jesus Christ and shown Heaven and Hell.  Hear their account of the Glories of Heaven and misery of Hell.  They were shown the unimaginable paradise prepared for obedient Christians and the doom waiting for disobedient Christians, and those whose lives are full of sin.

Hell  Revelations on Hell:
   -English   [Chinese]

The Heavenly Man
MP3 [Chinese + English]
A Sermon by Brother Yun given at Great St. Mary's Church, Cambridge, UK.
(Feb. 26. 2004)

A Glimpse of Eternity
by Ian McCormack

Ian was night diving off the island of Mauritius when he was stung multiple times by Box Jellyfish, which are among the most venomous creatures in the world. His testimony relates how he clung to life while getting to hospital, was declared clinically dead soon afterwards, and how during this time he had an encounter with Jesus, which radically changed the direction of his life.
永恒一瞥  by Ian McCormack
Ian是在毛里求斯岛夜间潜水时被澳大利亚箱形水母多次螫 到的. 那是世界上最毒的生物.他的见证 就是有关他是如何在去医院的路上与死亡挣扎,随后在医院被宣布死亡,以及如何在此期间遇到耶稣,然后这从根本上改变了他的人生方向的经历.

Jennifer Perez
Heaven and Hell are Real,
I've been there!
by Jennifer Perez 

This testimony is of a 15 year old girl who was raised in a Christian home.  She later backslid in her walk, found herself overdosing on drugs, dieing, and being sent to Hell. Fortunately, she was given a second chance and mission to go back and warn the lost, backslidden, and lukewarm with an urgent message.
天堂与地狱是真实的, 我 去过那里!
珍妮 佩雷斯
这是个一个15岁小姑娘的证词. 她从小在基督教的家庭里长大. 后来她变了, 直到有一天因吸毒过量而濒临死亡, 发现自己在往地狱的路上. 所幸她获得了第二次的机会. 她身负使命回来警告仍未得救的, 离开神的道路的和温吞的基督徒.

Ricardo Cid
8 Hours in Heaven
by Ricardo Cid  [Chinese]
The Lord showed him many people, [including pastors and entire churches], that will be left behind after the rapture.  He was given a stern warning to preachers to do not preach holiness, because without holiness no one will see the Lord.  He was also shown the 2nd Heaven/Demonic realm.  
Howard Pittman
by Howard Pittman
In his testimony, Howard [a minister] was taken to heaven and given a stern rebuke from the Lord, shown many incredible things and given a wake up call to the Church.
Bishop Earthquake Kelley
The Mystery of Paradise
by Bishop Earthquake Kelley
A remarkable near death experience where Bishop Kelley was shown hell & heaven.  He was also given a powerful warning to the Church and to America.
Bob Jones
4 Visions
by Bob Jones
Thomas Welch
The Thomas
Welch Story
Mark of the Beast 666
Mark of the Beast 666 Warning
[English] [中文Chinese]

Visitation to the Throne Room of God
by Peter Tan

The  Pilgrim's  Progress

 by John Bunyan
This book was divinely inspired.  It is very old and written in Old English, but studying it will mature any Christian.
by John Bunyan 
这本书是神喻的. 这是本很老的书, 使用古英文书写成. 但是研读它会使许多基督徒变得成熟.

   English Text       PDF
   Audio Part 1:  WMA
  中文:Chinese Mandarin    [DOC]

The Imitation of Christ
 by  Thomas à Kempis

   English Text
   中文Chinese Mandarin

Toward Truth
[Chinese only]  迎向真理  活出真爱
Companion video to the Jesus Film, about a Chinese Family torn apart by Adultery and healed by Jesus.

The Heavens Opened   &
The Priestly Bride 
by Anna Rountree
天开了 & 牧师般的新娘, 这是从基督耶稣来的启示。

These are pure revelation of Jesus Christ. They show Jesus in glorious ways that I have never considered, realms that I didn't know existed, tactics of our enemy and unspeakable marvels of our God.  Find how to discover the secret of the hidden stairway into the heart of God!

Short Sample text of

These books are at

Other Teachings



Hell's Best Kept Secret:
Why Evangelism often bares no lasting fruit.
地狱保守最好的秘密:  为什么传道常常没有果 效.
  The Revival Hymn Video
True and False Conversion
Ray Brubaker speaking on the Rapture and the Mark of the Beast
[Abortion]    [Little Lessons]   "EE--TAOW!"
A powerful and inspiring documentary on Missions.
The Salt of the Earth by Keith Daniels
地上的盐 by Keith Daniels
    The Man from George Street (HTML)
An incredible story of Evangelization [WMV]
Young Donald MacPhail Prays
年轻的Donald MacPhail的祷告
  6 Big Big Big Angels by Mary Jo Pennington [Shown on the Sid Roth Show]
How to share your faith
by Kirk Rohmberg:
如何分享你的信仰  by Kirk Rohmberg:
  Do devils, demons and unclean spirits exist?  The testimony of a Christian, who makes a foolish mistake, and finds out the hard way of their existence.
   There is always Hope by Retha McPherson
我们总有希望 by Retha McPherson

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To Hell and Back

by Dr. Maurice S. Rawlings
[Maurice S. Rawlings博士]
Documentary on
Near Death Experiences [NDE]
Video [WMV]
  English Text

10 Christian Posters
full of Scripture, English only
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Armor Of God
Fool And WiseMan
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Saint and the Sinner
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The Harvesters Prayer

Dreams, Visions, & Revelations:
[English only]

      Susan Cummings
Vision: January 31, 2003
The Darkness at Noonday
Sept. Dreams & Visions
The Stairs and the River
The urn in the wilderness
The Great Race
Doors of Destiny

The Vision of CALVARY'S CROSS by Bobby Conner
A Vision of the Return of Christ by David Michael
The Body of Christ & End Time Ministries by Tommy Hicks
The Sword and the Serpent by  L. Vere Elliott
The End of Time  
The Hollow of His Hand by Hollie Moody
Why Bother?  by Don S.
Renesa's Visions  by Renesa Smith    [Mandarin 中文]

       Rick Joyner
A Bridge to Revival
War and Glory
The next wave is upon us

The Testimony of Sister Iuliana
Angelic Visitations by Pastor Shu-Fang Ho
Leah Story by Leah Ann Paul
Prepare for the Lord's Return! by Bernada Fernandez

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